London BSL interpreters has had a make-over

9 September 2016

This is my first blog on this refurbished version of I could have let the site die, following a technical hitch with the previous site, that could not be resolved easily. But such is the demand from consumers, I’ve got help in getting it back on the road again.

Now that I’ve retired from BSL interpreting, I plan to add more names to the listed interpreters. So if you know of a competent interpreter who fits in with the existing names, give them a nudge to contact me. Or if you’re an interpreter yourself, and you think you fit the profile, contact me

What I’m looking for are interpreters who are:

  • Safely confident and competent in their use of BSL. That doesn’t mean you can interpret anywhere and for anyone. It means you are confident in most domains, but know where your limitations are. I’ve seen too many interpreters drowning on dry land – unintelligible into BSL, and wildly inaccurate into English. If that’s you, do something about it
  • Customer-focused and with good social skills. That means being polite, friendly, diplomatic, helpful, appropriately-dressed and authoritative. Sadly, there are abrasive, curt, rude, arrogant and demanding interpreters out there who irritate consumers and colleagues on a regular basis. I won’t consider such interpreters, no matter how good their interpreting is
  • Working mostly within Greater London