Darren Townsend Handscomb

Darren Townsend-Handscomb

30+ years experience interpreting across all areas, including extensive work in legal and professional settings.  Perhaps the most unusual assignment being the (alleged) exorcism of a Deaf poltergeist for a BBC program.

My strengths and passions (psychology, linguistics, personal / professional development, and strategic management / leadership) are reflected in my academic background and current work:

–  BA in Philosophy and Psychology, MSC in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), am also an Association for Coaching (AC) certified coach.
–  VRS/VRI interpreting, working with Deaf professionals in their work places, interpreting in government departments, and anything interesting.
–  Training (interpreters and non-interpreters) in developing professional skills and psychological perspectives on communication, ageing, etc.
–  Run DeafATW.com on a voluntary basis, supporting Deaf people and interpreters with Access to Work.
–  Run the Gambia Interpreter project in a voluntary basis, providing funding, training and strategic support to interpreters in The Gambia.  (You can read more about this on my main website).
–  Provide consultancy,  support and signposting on interpreting and access issues.

Please contact me to discuss, pretty much anything.

*Indicative inclusive fee when working a standard day in central London 10.00-17.00. More may be charged for evening/weekend working or for assignments which are more demanding, in terms of preparation or specialist abilities

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