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Joanna Taylor

I started my career professionally facilitating communication needs between both Deaf and hearing people through a local agency as a Communication Support Worker for nearly 3 years. I was one of the first students to attain a CSW level 4 qualification in the country, which inspired me to progress onto the post graduate route in sign language interpreting, and into a freelance career.
In addition to interpreting I have a wide range of job experiences, covering many fields of employment such as local government offices, magazine proof-reading, administration, legal and the sports industry. This has shaped me to become very personable, approachable individual who is easy to work with. I am an extremely hard worker, and receive glowing praise from colleagues, staff and clients.

My main area of interpreting expertise lies within community based settings as well as across the spectrum of education both formally and informally, from primary school through to university masters level. I have experience working within medical settings such as hospitals and general practitioner surgeries. I pride myself on my overall professionalism in meeting  the needs of all parties involved in the interpreting interaction, this means managing communication effectively and appropriately, whilst also respecting the importance of confidentiality.
I have recently expanded my experience to cover media, platform and performance interpreting, which has been a fantastic addition to my skill set.
Through working as an interpreter abroad I have gained fantastic insight into adapting to international forms of visual communication. This also helps me to connect with people and build a solid rapport.

I have a keen interest around the provision of sign language interpretation within education for D/deaf children. I have recently been in touch with the  Education / Research and Campaigns Manager, Ian Noon at the NDCS to offer my support and services around this area. Whilst working within a secondary provision I have noticed the large gaps in knowledge, conceptualisation  and understanding among some of the deaf children, and I feel that this is predominately due to two factors;

– Level of access and aquisition of language at home,
– Level of language / training acquisition of CSWs at the school.

This has encouraged me to consider conducting research around these topics. I would like to see if it is possible to show evidence for the need of qualified interpreters in schools as well as a provision of BSL for families to be able communicate within the home.

*Indicative inclusive fee when working a standard day in central London 10.00-17.00. More may be charged for evening/weekend working or for assignments which are more demanding, in terms of preparation or specialist abilities

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