London BSL Interpreters

This site lists fully-qualified, reliable and competent, self-employed BSL interpreters who work face-to-face in Greater London. The site is not an agency, and it is not intended to be used by agencies.

Why use London BSL Interpreters?


Through this website you:

  1. Save time – with one email you contact many interpreters.
  2. Save money – interpreting agencies charge a booking fee, we don’t.
  3. Ensure quality – the interpreters on this website have at least three years post-qualification experience, are recommended by both interpreters and deaf people, and will only accept work they are competent to do.
  4. Get the right interpreter for the job – many agencies don’t give interpreters enough information about the job which means that sometimes there can be a mismatch. Through this website, you are communicating directly with interpreters and can tell them exactly what you want them for.

Want an interpreter now?

  1. Contact interpreters with one email
  2. Use the form at the bottom of the page to send an email to all the interpreters working in a particular area.
  3. Try to include as much information as possible to help you get the best interpreter possible for the job.

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