Want to become a member of this website?


We are keen to expand the website, so if you are interested in joining us, please email londonbslterp@gmail.com.
You will need at least three years post-qualification experience, be registered with NRCPD as RSLI, to be willing to share your photo and information on this website, and to contribute to the ongoing reasonable cost of running the website.
To join you’ll need three references from interpreters who are on this website, and three references from deaf people. If you are moving to London from another region, you can provide 3 references from established interpreters and deaf people in your region instead.
We are not rigid about what is included in the reference, references can be provided in BSL or English.
If you cannot easily provide 6 references, please email londonbslterp@gmail.com and we can discuss if another route is possible.
Please note that you cannot book interpreters using londonbslterp@gmail.com. You must use the booking form. This email address is only for Deaf or hearing interpreters who want to join the website, and no other emails will be acknowledged.

If none of the interpreters on this website have said they are available:

Covid-19 has changed the interpreting market, and it is becoming harder to book interpreters at short notice, particularly for in-person interpreting. Interpreters will usually only reply if they are available.
If you do not receive any responses within 24 hours (allow longer if you make your request at weekends), you should assume that no interpreters on the website are available.
If you cannot find an interpreter who is available using this website, we recommend trying the following agencies:
  • Interpreting Matters, an agency run by an interpreter who understands the needs of Deaf people, interpreters and the people booking the service.
RAD, a Deaf charity with an interpreting service based in London and the Southeast.
We are also aware that there aren’t many people of colour on this website, and if you are particularly seeking an interpreter of colour, we recommend that you try the Interpreters of colour website.

How did London BSL Interpreters start?

Initially, the website was set up by Roger Beeson, a freelance sign language interpreter, who kept being asked for names of reliable interpreters in London when he couldn’t fulfil a job. He ended up creating a website which listed interpreters who were competent, knew what they were good, and not good at, and were recommended by at least 3 Deaf people and 3 interpreters. Roger has now retired, but both interpreters and Deaf people thought it would be a good idea to keep the website going.